Should You Use a Synthetic Fiber Brush?


Muhle Silvertip Fibre Travel Shaving Brush

Synthetic brushes haven’t always gotten the best reputation. The older generation of synthetic brushes were stiff (or conversely, floppy) and didn’t retain water well, producing a dissatisfying experience overall. These synthetic brushes, made from thick white nylon, were no competition with badger hair brushes.

However, over the past few years manufacturing technology has done an exquisite job of refining the synthetic hair brush, creating thinner, softer, more durable bristles. The ends of these new synthetic brushes are treated for a fine, bushy finish.

Muhle helped lead the way with their silver fibre brushes, which are on par with some of the best shaving brushes out there. In fact, several wet shaving sites have claimed the tips on these silvertip fibre brushes are softer than any animal hair brush.

We will always cherish the luxurious beauty of a finely made badger hair brush, but there are some pretty good reasons to go the synthetic route.

Why use synthetic?

Saves Time

If you’ve got a busy schedule, synthetic brushes, also called artificial badger brushes, are as low-maintenance as you can get. They dry faster than badger bristle brushes (a few hours vs. up to a day for the natural fibers), and produce richer lather more readily. That’s because synthetic fibers are solid rather than porous, so they don’t absorb water like animal hairs.  This makes them less susceptible to mold and odors, as well as more hygienic.

Plus, higher-quality synthetic brushes don’t shed hair and don’t require a break-in period.

Saves Money

Synthetic brushes are quite economical. Since they are made of artificial bristles, they are more durable and have a long lifespan. They also tend to be more affordable than animal hair brushes.

And because they produce lather easily, you’ll save on shaving cream/soap too! You only need about half the amount of shaving cream or soap you’d usually use with an animal hair brush.


Men who are allergic to badger hair or animal hair can confidently continue shaving by switching to a synthetic hair brush, which is hypoallergenic.

Environmentally Friendly

As traditional shaving grows in popularity, the demand for animal hairs will increase. However, due to various political and natural reasons, the supply may not grow and may even decrease. Synthetic bristle brushes are excellent alternatives, and are vegan and PETA approved.

You can purchase Muhle’s acclaimed silvertip fibre brushes at RoyalShave.


Visit RoyalShave’s New Storefront!

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Some of you who live locally to RoyalShave’s headquarters in Costa Mesa, CA and have visited us recently have seen a sneak peek of what’s been happening at our office, but now it’s official: we have a storefront! While we’ve always had customers visiting us to pick up orders, we’ve never had a dedicated spot for people to look around and place an order until now.

Over the past few months, we’ve knocked down walls, pulled up carpets, sanded floors, and even driven hundreds of miles to get that vintage barbershop chair you’ll see as soon as you walk in. We’ve also decked out the place with huge rolling shelves, where you can peruse products we carry on RoyalShave, Pomades, The Stache, and Big Ben. Testers for creams, pomades, and lotions are easily accessible so you can try before you buy.

Perhaps the crowning achievement of our spruced-up storefront , though, is our new RoyalShave sign! Inspired by barbershops of yore as well as marquee styles of the 40s and 50s, it’s a testament to the long, rich history of wet shaving and barbering. It was custom-made for us by local sign craftsman Brett (you can see his work at @phelpsmarquee).

You can place an order online and select Local Pickup under Shipping Options, or swing on by to purchase directly at the storefront.

Our storefront address:

930 W. 16th St. Suite C2

Costa Mesa, CA

See our general Shipping Information page here.

Expect the same great customer service and quality products at our storefront as online! We hope to see you soon!


The History of Wet Shaving: D.R. Harris & Co.


A Family Business

A trip to fashionable St. James Street in London is incomplete without visiting D.R. Harris & Co., one of London’s oldest pharmacies. Established just before 1790 at No. 11 St. James Street, the pharmacy was originally named Harris’s Apothecary, after owner Henry Harris. “D.R.” was tacked on after Harris’ cousin, Daniel Rotely Harris, joined the business.

Henry Harris was a surgeon and Daniel Rotely Harris was an early pharmaceutical chemist, so they combined their skills to craft a luxury range of perfumes, lotions, and remedies befitting both the well-to-do gentry and the court. The pharmacy became well known for its Lavender Water, Classic Cologne, and English Flower perfumes.


Royal Ties

In 1938, D.R. Harris & Co. received the Royal Warrant as chemists to the Queen Mother until her death in 2002. Later that same year, the pharmacy was appointed as Chemists to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, and in 2012 received the Royal Warrant from Her Majesty the Queen.

Today, in addition to being a fully-functioning pharmacy, D.R. Harris carries a large range of grooming products, including colognes, soaps, shaving creams, and their famous Skin Milk Aftershaves. You can pay D.R. Harris a visit at their historic St. James Street location, now slightly down the block from the original at 29 St. James Street, or check out their second location at 52 Piccadilly.

Want more insight into the world of D.R. Harris?  Check out our exclusive interview with the apothecary here

You can also find out more about D.R. Harris on their website, and shop D.R. Harris at Royalshave.


The Grooming Artist News Roundup: February 2016


With the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day falling within a week of one another, you’ve got a lot to plan and prep these next two weeks! We’re coming to the rescue with Food & Wine’s resource of delicious and perfectly presentable Super Bowl foods, as well as a thoughtful guide for what to buy your lady for Valentine’s Day (that doesn’t involve the predictable).

We’ve also rounded up the latest in wet shaving news and techniques, from an intense barber showdown in England to our guide to a good neck shave.


The (British) equivalent of the Olympics of barbering is heating up – barber Allan Stone of South Shields will go head to head with 14 other shaving professionals in March for the title of North East Best Wet Shaving Barber, and a place in the nationals. (Shields Gazette)

We tackled one of the hardest places to shave – the neck – by breaking it down into bite-sized steps. See part one here and part two here. (The Grooming Artist)

Wet shaving ties you into a long, esteemed tradition with its most famous roots in England. Here’s the history behind the Oldest Barbershop in the World, Truefitt & Hill. (The Grooming Artist)

Good food sets the tone for a party. Here’s Food & Wine’s recipe headquarters for fried, greasy Game Day favorites. (Food & Wine)

Just in time for Valentine’s Day: how to cure bad breath once and for all. (GQ)

Let’s do one better than running to CVS the night before Valentine’s Day to buy your significant other whatever’s left on the shelves. Win her heart and show her you made an effort with these fabulous suggestions for Valentine’s Day gifts. (Esquire)


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