The Three Different Types of Safety Razor Construction

Recently, we’ve been asked more and more by customers about butterfly razors – what they are and how they’re different from other razors. To understand butterfly razors you have to understand the way a razor is constructed.

Safety razors come as one, two, or three pieces. The following breaks down the pros and cons of all three types of safety razors to help you find your match.



The Parker 22R Butterfly Brass Safety Razor, Gunmetal Finish

One Piece

Butterfly razors, also known as Twist to Open razors (TTO), are one-piece razors with a twist mechanism that opens the top (which consists of two hinged plates) for changing the blades. This twist-to-open mechanism allows blades to be changed quickly and easily, which is a huge draw for many wet shavers. They’re also cheaper compared to two-piece and three-piece razors.

But because there are lots of moving parts, butterfly razors are the most fragile and prone to damage. They’re also harder to keep clean, since small hinges can collect shaving soap if not properly rinsed and dried.

Popular One-Piece Razors:

  1. Parker 22R Butterfly Brass Safety Razor, Gunmetal Finish
  2. Parker 99R Barber Pole Butterfly Safety Razor
  3. Taylor of Old Bond Street Butterfly Safety Razor



The PILS Stainless Steel Double Edge Razor, 101NE

Two Piece

Two-piece razors feature a plate on the cutting head that unscrews for you to change a blade. This plate usually has a long screw that fixes into the threading inside the handle (although the Merkur Futur has a snap-on head). Changing a blade requires turning the release knob until the razor unscrews, tilting the blade out, and dropping a new blade in. Wet shavers who use two-piece razors like that there’s not too much blade handling.

Similar to one-piece razors, two-piece razors can be hard to clean due to tight spaces on the cutting head.

Popular Two-Piece Razors:

  1. PILS Stainless Steel Double Edge Razor, 101NE
  2. Merkur Futur Adjustable Safety Razor with Satin Finish
  3. Muhle R89 Closed Comb Double Edge Safety Razor


The Merkur 33C Classic Safety Razor

Three Piece

Three-piece razors have the fewest moving parts so they are also the sturdiest. The top of the cutting head, base of the cutting head, and handle are three separate pieces. Three-piece razors are the easiest to pack for travel because everything can be disassembled and lie flat. However, they require more direct handling of the razor blade.

When changing blades, you must hold the top and bottom cutting heads while reattaching the handle, so you have to be extra careful about not accidentally touching the blade.

Tip: The scalloped side should be on the top side of the base plate, facing the cap.

Be careful not to screw the razor together with the base plate facing down, since this will result in either the razor not shaving or a whole lot of blood.

Popular Three-Piece Razors:

  1. Merkur 33C Classic Safety Razor
  2. Edwin Jagger DE89L Double Edge Safety Razor with Lined Handle
  3. Feather AS-D2 Stainless Steel Safety Razor

The verdict?

If you want to spend less time cleaning, the three-piece construction might suit you best; however, if the idea of handling the blade is not that appealing, you might want to consider the butterfly razor or a two-piece razor.


Inspired Style: “The Aviator” in Honor of National Aviation Day


Whether you take to the skies for business trips or vacations, flying is something all of us do on a regular basis that we might take for granted – something that was a near miracle when it was first achieved in 1903 by the Wright brothers.

Today you get the chance to celebrate aviation in all its innovation and glory with National Aviation Day, designated by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1939 to honor the August 19th birthday of Orville Wright of the Wright brothers. FDR issued the directive to observe the holiday with activities that promote interest in aviation.

So on that note, today’s Inspired Style post is on The Aviator by Martin Scorsese. A biopic of aviation great Howard Hughes, the movie chronicles Hughes’ life as a gifted aerospace engineer, inventor, pilot, filmmaker, and business tycoon as well as his multiple Hollywood paramours and gradually worsening obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). The Aviator is filled with well-recognized actresses like Katherine Hepburn, Ava Gardner, and Jean Hawlow, set against the glitzy atmosphere of Hollywood’s Golden Age.

The women drip in diamonds, furs, and designer gowns, while Hughes (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) romances them in classic ‘40s dress shirts and pants. Howard Hughes may have been wealthy, but the clothing he wears in the movie is a good representation of how many men dressed in the era – pulled together, sleek, and gentlemanly.


Kate Beckinsale

Men’s fashion trends changed throughout the ‘40s as the War came and went, but a few things persisted.


  • Pleated pants that were loosely cut, worn much higher on the waist than they are today
  • Double-breasted jackets and peaked lapels
  • Single-breasted suits with notched lapels
  • Sweater vests and waistcoats
  • Ties and bowties
  • Oxfords
  • Hair that was short on the sides and longer on top, usually slicked back using pomade

What’s your favorite look or accessory from this era?



For more Inspired Style posts, check out our Inspired Style category.

(Images, Top to Bottom): Unscattered, Neogaf, The Ace Black Blog, Fame Images, Netflix Life.


Infographic: How to Shave and Groom Like Mad Men’s Don Draper

If you’re like us, you’re still suffering from a bit of Mad Men withdrawal. The series played a not-so-small role in the resurgence of the well-kept male: Don Draper’s slicked-back hair, freshly shaven face, and impeccable executive suits sent many of us to our barbers and tailors.

The series concluded in May after seven seasons, but that doesn’t mean we can’t continue to act on the style cues laid out so sportingly on the show. Specifically, let’s turn our attention to Don Draper’s grooming habits. Throughout the series, we got glimpses into the products he used to look so dashing, from the mention of Brylcreem in Season 1 to his preferred razor – the Gillette Black Handle Super Speed – in Season 2.

The following infographic lays out all the major grooming tools Draper was spotted with in Mad Men, as well as similar modern-day products you can purchase. What’s great is that several of the original products that date back to the Mad Men era (1960s) are still available today.

We’re curious – do you own any of the products mentioned in this infographic?

Scroll below the infographic for a Mad Men shopping list. Also, for more Mad Men style, see our post on our favorite Don Draper outfits from each season of Mad Men.

Shaving and Grooming Like Don Draper #infographic

You can also find more infographics at Visualistan

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Best of the Web: August


We’re officially smack-dab in the middle of summer, and there’s a whole lot going on in shaving, summer holidays and activities, and new movies we’re looking forward to (which may or may not involve one James Bond).

Read on for all the latest happening this August.

  1. Not necessarily a new story, but fascinating nonetheless – women are shaving their faces for the exfoliation benefits. (ABC News)
  2. In a crowded men’s grooming industry, you’ve got to stand out. That’s exactly why Erik Hodges invented Douglas Smythe, a fictional character with a seaman’s cap, pipe, and anchor-beard who has become a Youtube hit. (Forbes)
  3. Jack Osbourne surprises his daughter Pearl with a freshly shaven face. (Daily Mail UK)
  4. August 9th is Book Lover’s Day. Choose a couple from Time’s Best Books List of 2015 So Far and get on it. (Time)
  5. We’ve still got a month and a half left of summer. Make the most of it and take that road trip you’ve been dreaming about. Here are 10 road trips that will make your summer spectacular. (Fodors)
  6. Cleanup is our least favorite part of summer barbecuing. Nip the issue in the bud with edible bowls. (Food Network)
  7. A new trailer is out for SPECTRE, the latest James Bond movie. (007)


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