Father’s Day Gifts That Will Make Your Dad’s Face Look Great

Father’s Day Gifts That Will Make Your Dad’s Face Look Great

As May comes to an end, Father’s Day is creeping up right around the corner. However, if “Father’s Day gifts” is still an item on your shopping list, fear not.

On June 16, we suggest making your Father’s Day gifts all about putting your dad’s best face forward.

Here at Royal Shave, we know that your dad’s face is one of his best assets. After all, it’s what housed that big smile he donned at your various baseball games, awards ceremonies and graduations.

Royal Shave shares Father's Day gifts

Photo via Tyler Bolken from Flickr

It’s clear that dad has always been your biggest supporter. This Father’s Day, it’s time to give back to the man who loves you most.

Listed below are Father’s Day gifts that will leave your dad’s face feeling great and be sure to bring another smile to his face.

Products for his teeth

Royal Shave shares Father's Day gifts

Photo via Tumisu from Pixabay

Like we mentioned, your dad’s teeth are definitely one of the most important parts of his face. To keep those whites pearly, introduce him to the world of luxury dental care.

Yes, there are toothpastes outside of the Crests and Colgates of the world. Consider Father’s Day gifts like the DR Harris Spearmint Toothpaste and the Travel Size Marvis Toothpaste.

Royal Shave shares Father's Day gifts

Free of fluoride, DR Harris Spearmint Toothpaste will give your dad’s teeth a luxurious upgrade.

The formula mixes spearmint with aloe vera for a refreshing dental experience.

Aloe vera is a useful dental tool because it breaks down harmful bacteria that lurks in the mouth and causes disease.

Unfortunately, age can also take a toll on teeth so this is an especially useful Father’s Day gift for older dads. After all, a lifetime of chewing, grinding and biting definitely wears down tooth enamel.

It’s also just as effective as drugstore brands at keeping away cavities while offering a soothing feeling for the teeth and gums.

Royal Shave shares Father's Day gifts

On the other hand, if your dad travels for business often, having a powerful travel size toothpaste will keep him looking and feeling his best on the road.

Marvis toothpaste tingles on your teeth while skillfully fighting off plaque and tartar, leaving behind a sparkling smile.

That means your dad will no longer have to feel that uncomfortable film on the outside of his teeth or notice left-behind yellow stains.

Products for shaving his face

Royal Shave shares Father's Day gifts

Whether your dad rocks a beard or keeps it clean-shaven, having proper shaving and trimming tools is important. When it comes to Father’s Day gifts, focus on revamping your dad’s facial hair routine to help keep his skin healthy and face feeling fresh.

Luckily, as a Father’s Day bonus, select shaving sets are on sale for 30 percent off. Check out the Kensington Boar Bristle Shaving Set and the Royal Shave 34C HD Shaving Set.

Royal Shave shares Father's Day gifts

The Kensington Boar Shaving Brush and Kensington Classic Safety Razer uses stiff boar bristles for a rich lather and exfoliation application.

Boar bristles are effective when it comes to shaving because they are soft and flexible, which keeps them gentle on sensitive skin.

Also included in the set, the Kensington Classic Safety Razor is a 3-piece razor that accomplishes a sharp shave without trading away smoothness or comfort. Imported from Germany, the Wilkinson Sword Classic Double Edge Blades stay sharp throughout a week of shaving.

Royal Shave shares Father's Day gifts

The Royal Shave 47C HD Shaving Set features the classic Merkur 47C Safety Razor. It’s popular for having a heavy handle that allows the weight of the razor to do the shaving.

Also included in the set is the Royal Shave PB2 Shaving Brush, made from silver-tip badger bristles. Silver-tip badger bristles are considered the best and rarest badger bristles, known for high water retention capacity that makes lather quick and easy.

The other tools and finishes in the set create the barbershop experience from the comfort of your dad’s home.

For example, the dome-shaped body makes for the ideal comfortable grip. The razor and shaving brush also come with a chrome stand for easy storage. Lastly, a styptic pen, barber towel and Royal Shave Lemon Sandalwood Soap packaged in an elegant ceramic bowl add safety, luxury and relaxation.

Products for his hair

Royal Shave shares Father's Day gifts

Photo via Zack Beardoholic from Flickr

Your dad’s face doesn’t stop at his hairline. The bristles on his scalp deserve some love too. When it comes to Father’s Day gifts, consider adding some high-end products to your dad’s shower routine.

The trick to finding the perfect shampoo and conditioner is tailoring it to his lifestyle, environment and hair type.

If your dad is an active or athletic person, the Italian-made Acca Kappa Shampoo and Shower Gel is ideal. Its gel formula acts as a refreshing cleanser against oil and a moisturizer for dry ends.

Being active also usually entails extra time in the sun. This can cause sweat build-up and an oily scalp or dry, damaged ends from too much heat exposure.

That’s where the Billy Jealousy Cashmere Coat Hair Strengthening Conditioner comes in. Winner of Men’s Health Best Conditioner Award, the formula promotes healthy hair growth and heals a damaged scalp.

Royal Shave shares Father's Day gifts

If your dad is a little older and going grey, the Floid Shampoo For Grey Hair is ideal for his hair care needs. It’s formulated to reduce the yellowing of grey or white hair and keep your dad looking like the sleek silver fox that he is.

Hair on older men can also start to get thin and brittle. When it comes to conditioner, nourishing your dad’s strands is necessary.

Now that you have your complete list of Father’s Day gifts options, your mid-month June holiday will be a breeze.

And to all the fathers out there, Royal Shave wishes you a very Happy Father’s Day!

Royal Shave shares Father's Day gifts

Father’s Day Gift Ideas: 7 Perfect Presents For Every Dad

Father’s Day Gift Ideas: 7 Perfect  Presents For Every Dad

With Father’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to start planning presents for your dad. (For those a little late to the game this year, Father’s Day is on Sunday, June 17). After all, he is the first man in your life and the one who is always in your corner. He deserves a special day that’s all about appreciating him and letting him relax. With the Father’s Day gift ideas below, your dad will be able to do just that.

From a unique kitchen knife set to the infamous “dad chair,” here at Royal Shave, we’ve compiled a list of the seven perfect Father’s Day gift ideas for every dad.

1 Up his cooking game with the Damascus Steel Chef/Kitchen Knife Set.

Royal Shave shares Father's Day gift ideas

Photo via Instagram / @vintage_gentlemen

Whether your dad prefers a perfectly seasoned steak or a fresh salad, a set of powerful knives are necessary for preparation. Your dad is not a basic dad so he does not deserve a basic set of knives. Splurge for something a little more unique.

The rustic knife set above is perfect. Sold by Vintage Gentleman, the Damascus Steel Chef/Kitchen Knife Set ($325.99) contains seven high-quality knives.

While the knives may be a little pricey, the top reviews suggest the “stunning knives” are worth it. One customer who gave the product a five-star review wrote, “From the photos, I knew these were beautiful knives, but I wasn’t expecting the level of intricate detail and craftsmanship when I actually saw these in person! These were not cheap, but man am I pleased!”

2 Take him for a ride on the High Roller in Vegas.

Royal Shave shares Father's Day gift ideas

Photo via Instagram / @vegas

Instead of spending money on a present, surprise your dad with an experience. Since Father’s Day falls at the beginning of summer, a fun trip in the sun is a great alternative. And who can resist the allure of Vegas?

Even if your dad is not the gambling type, Vegas has plenty else to offer. Take him to see an intense magic show or for a ride on the High Roller, the ferris wheel shown above. He definitely won’t be disappointed as he sips his complimentary drink and sees breath-taking views of the party city in the desert.

For more Vegas deals and promotions, check out Vegas.com.

3 Shape up his scruff with the Royal Shave Edwin Jagger Razor Set.

Royal Shave shares Father's Day gift ideas

When it comes to Father’s Day gift ideas, don’t get lost in new shirts and shoes and forget your dad’s best style weapon: his face. Invest in maintaining his mane with a precision shaving kit.

The Royal Shave Merkur 47C Safety Razor Set ($110) contains everything your dad will need for wet shaving. This includes the Edwin Jagger DE86 Double Edge Razor, Royal Shave PB2 Best Badger Shaving Brush and stand, shaving cream, a lathering bowl and extra blades.

In addition, the kit incorporates aloe vera into the shaving cream. The “miracle plant” works well to reduce irritants like inflammation and acne and moisturize skin.

4 Buy the ultimate “dad chair” so he can kick back and watch the game.

Royal Shave shares Father's Day gift ideas

Photo via Instagram / @ifurnish_frisco

No one knows how relaxing it feels to collapse into a comfortable leather chair after working all day better than your dad. When it comes to Father’s Day gift ideas, show him your major appreciation by easing his sore back and feet.

Picking the perfect “dad chair” is not easy. However, recliner, leather and zero gravity options are all great for class and comfort. Seal the deal with his favorite beer or whiskey on his arm-side table and you’ll be sure to earn the title of favorite child.

To find the best chair, check out sales at furniture stores like Living Spaces and Ashley.

5 Frame his favorite family photos.

Royal Shave shares Father's Day gift ideas

Photo via Instagram / @beausandashley

Part of being a dad is getting to brag about how cool your kids are. Make his task a little easier by putting together a collage of your favorite times together. How will his buddies top that thrilling white river rafting trip you took together last summer or the cabin deck you built together in the mountains? You’ll both get a chance to relive those special moments every time you look at the wall.

This is also great for mother’s with young children looking to surprise their husbands for their first few Father’s Days. Schedule a photoshoot like the one above and give your hubby the perfect way to remember how cute his kids are before they grow up.

6 Keep his hair shiny and healthy by investing in Blind Barber Lemongrass Tea Shampoo and Conditioner.

Royal Shave shares Father's Day gift ideas

Photo via Instagram / @blindbarber

Even if he’s already hit the gray stage, it’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks. It’s time to teach your dad the harmful nature of sulfates and other damaging drugstore chemicals plaguing his current shampoo and conditioner.

Instead of harsh ingredients, opt for the Blind Barber Lemongrass Tea Shampoo and Conditioner ($18 each). Not only do the products incorporate a fresh lemongrass scent, they also soften bristles with coconut oil.

Like any typical man, this shampoo and conditioner is also preferable because it doubles as a body wash. Simple and sweet, these versatile products will be easy to add to your dad’s routine without changing too much.

7 Get the TV that will make his house the place to be on “Game Day.”

Royal Shave shares Father's Day gift ideas

Photo via Instagram / @lindseycarolinee

Every man wants to have the television set that makes all his neighbors and friends jealous. Let your dad be the coolest guy on the block by investing in a high-quality TV.

In 2018, Samsung and Sony are among the top brands for televisions. Really make his day by upping the size to 65 inches or upgrading to a LED screen. With his new TV and your mom’s hors d’oeuvres, his friends will practically be lining up to buy tickets for your couch instead of the stadium.

Check out Best Buy for the latest television deals.

No matter which Father’s Day gift ideas you decide on, your dad will surely appreciate your presents and the fact that you’re the special person who made him a father.

Royal Shave shares Father's Day gift ideas

2017 Grooming Artist Father’s Day Gift Guide

We owe a lot to our fathers. For many of us, they were the ones who showed us how to use a safety razor for the first time. They also stood by us during our less than palatable adolescent stages. So this year, let’s not buy him another tie for Father’s Day, shall we? Instead, let’s hone in on something he’ll love and actually use.

Read on for our Father’s Day gift suggestions for dad based on his interests.

The Golfer

Picnic at Ascot Golf Trunk Organizer, $45.99

If dad’s idea of the perfect day involves teeing it up on the green, the Picnic at Ascot Golf Trunk Organizer will have him doing it more carefree than ever. The Golf Trunk Organizer handles all the little bits and pieces involved with a round of golf, providing storage for shoes, spikes, gloves, balls, tees, and a towel. This way, he can focus on tackling the back nine rather than a golf ball gone rogue.

The Stylish Fitness Buff

Chronos, $99

There are plenty of fitness tracking watches out there. But let’s be honest – most of them are not that attractive for the fashionable crowd, or at least don’t disguise as an actual watch well. For the dad who likes to get his 10,000 steps in and track his daily fitness in style, we highly recommend  Chronos. It’s a smart disc that attaches to the back of any watch, effectively turning it into a smartwatch. So dad won’t have to give up his beloved Montblanc to track his fitness.

Chronos syncs with a smartphone app to also control music, notifications, and alerts using vibrations and LED.

The Globetrotter

G-Ro Luggage, $449

Whether dad takes regular business trips or enjoys jetsetting around the world, his face will light up when he receives the G-Ro Carry-On. Designed for the modern commuter, the carry-on innovates with saucer-sized, indestructible wheels that keep the bag streamlined on the outside. A four-stage telescopic handle is the longest in the industry, providing shock absorption that powers over uneven surfaces.

The inside is cavernous and comes with an optional charging station so dad can stay connected on the go.

The Sailor

Mizzen + Mane Dress Shirts, $125

Dad’s cabin cruiser is his second home, and he’ll frequently take it for a spin after work. But problems arise when his office button-up can’t stand the sweat and movement from nautical adventuring. Mizzen + Mane dress shirts are made from performance fabrics – polyester and spandex – to wick sweat quickly. And four-way stretch means he can helm the ship without being restricted by stiff clothing.

These shirts are also brilliant for the boardroom: no more embarrassing wet spots during presentations. If you’re really looking to treat dad, also pick up a few of their casual pieces, which range from henleys to short sleeves.

The Grooming Artist

RoyalShave Merkur 34C Chrome Safety Razor Set, $124.95

For your old man, shaving is a ritual he treasures each and every morning. Gift him beautifully made wet shaving products to add to his collection with the RoyalShave Merkur 34C Chrome Safety Razor Set. The set features Merkur’s classic 34C HD Safety Razor. Midweight construction applies just enough pressure for effortless passes, and the stubby handle enhances maneuverability. Two-piece construction allows dad to easily change blades and clean the razor.

RoyalShave Lemon Sandalwood Soap, a brush stand, a first grade badger brush, and a pack of Merkur blades make this gift set shave ready.

The Cook

Bison Airlighter, $79.95

As any dad who loves to grill knows, getting the coal lit is the most unappealing part of the BBQ process. Lighter fluid and newspaper don’t work well, and chimney starters are messy. Enter the Bison Airlighter, a precise way to get a grill, fireplace, or campfire started. The Bison Airlighter is a lighter and fan that ignites coal in 10 seconds – so your old man can get to the fun part faster.

The Handyman

InstruMMents 01 Dimensioning Instrument, $149

Dad may say he has all the tools he needs, but that won’t be the case once he lays his eyes upon the InstruMMents 01 Dimensioning Instrument. This sleek app-connected pen has a wheel on the end; roll the wheel across any surface (straight, curved, or contoured) and it’ll calculate the dimensions in any unit you need. The app then logs the info and allows you to access it anywhere as well as share it on the go.

In other words, InstruMMents 01 beats the tape measure at its own game.

The Sartorialist

Moore & Giles Fine Leather Eyeglass Case, $135

Dad always leaves the house looking like he just stepped out of a GQ fashion editorial, and he wore bespoke before it was cool. Instead of taking the risk of purchasing a piece he’ll never wear, opt for something that’ll care for what he already owns. The Moore & Giles Fine Leather Eyeglass Case comes in beautiful Titan Milled leather, and the suede interior is available in 5 colorways, so there’s sure to be one that suits his tastes.

This simple eyeglass case will hold his glasses in style.

Holiday Gift Guide 2016: 7 Gifts for the Well-Groomed Man

Finding the right gift for the well-appointed man with a refined taste can be a daunting task, to say the least. Here, we offer a little inspiration, whether you’re buying for someone else or taking notes for your own wish list. These following seven items are thoughtful, useful, and certainly better than defaulting to a gift card.


KINGSMAN by Drake’s London Striped Wool Tie $165

The perfect piece to complement winter tailoring, the KINGSMAN by Drake’s London Striped Wool Tie strikes a casual take on stripes. Midnight blue, brick, and white stripes run the length of this wool tie, crafted in England by esteemed accessories brand Drake’s.


This is Ground Voyager Cognac $725

Is he always fumbling around for various cords, pens, plugs, and battery packs in his carry on when he travels? This is Ground Voyager in Cognac will make disorganized packing a thing of the past. The Voyager has enough space for a long weekend’s worth of stuff, but the real gem is its easily accessible front pocket, which contains a tech pod that neatly organizes tech and travel gear.

If he deserves something extra special this year, add on the WiFi option, which turns the weekender into a WiFi hotspot so he can stay connected anywhere in the U.S.


SALT. OPTICS Alex Glasses $340

SALT. OPTICS Alex takes inspiration from the natural beauty of SALT. OPTICS’ home base in Southern California. Alex is crafted by third generation Japanese artisans.

This casual, no-fuss style suits all face shapes, and will add an air of sophistication to his look.


Triumph & Disaster Stash Box $150

A good shave starts with good skin. Triumph & Disaster’s Stash Box contains the full skincare and shave prep regimen: Rock & Roll Suicide Face Scrub, Gameface Moisturizer, Badger Hair Shave Brush, and Old-Fashioned Shave Cream.

Made from natural ingredients (some of which are sourced from Triumph & Disaster’s native New Zealand), this gift set will be a delight for any wet shaver.


Coronado Metropolitan Leather Dopp Kit, Black $125

This toiletry bag is one he’ll be proud to display on his sink, no matter where he’s travelling. The Coronado Metropolitan Leather Dopp Kit in Black is crafted from smooth Horween Leather for a streamlined, modern look.


Merkur 34C 3-Piece Safety Razor Set – Silvertip Badger

The Merkur 34C 3-Piece Safety Razor Set is a perfect gift for any shaving aficionado. Our brand new RoyalShave Chrome-Plated Razor and Brush Stand holds our premium Silvertip Badger Brush and Merkur’s famed 34C Safety Razor, a go-to for many a wet shaver for its easy maneuverability and two-piece construction.


QUODDY Leather Derby Shoes

For the man who wants to look good without sacrificing comfort, QUODDY Leather Derby Shoes offer the best of both worlds. Hand crafted from high quality ‘Cavalier’ leather from Chicago’s Horween tannery, these derby shoes will wear beautifully with time. Cushioned insoles and Vibram rubber soles keep his feet supported for all-day wear.


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