Inspired Style: Don Draper’s 7 Best Outfits from 7 Seasons of Mad Men


After seven seasons, the cultural phenomenon that is Mad Men has finally come to an end. Set primarily in the ‘60s, the show was a weekly reminder of the Golden Era of dressing. Each character assimilated iconic period pieces into wardrobes that broadcasted their personalities as much as their ranks within the advertising firm.

Since season one, we’ve been taken with Don Draper’s impeccably tailored suits and low-key accessories. No matter how many duplicities and adulterous entanglements Draper got himself into, he always looked like a class act. Don Draper’s style – and that of Mad Men itself – has had a massive influence on runways and on men looking for style inspiration.

So to commemorate the end of this stylish TV series, we’ve chosen our favorite Don Draper looks from each season and broken them down for you.

The ad exec’s formula for great style? Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant summed it up for Men’s Fitness: Don’t be a slob, get a tailor, embrace color and skinny ties, and pay attention to the details – hats, pocket squares, watches, and ties allow men to show individuality. Tie it all together with some swagger.

There are certainly characters who are far more adventurous dressers than Draper, but what he does so well is he wears what looks good on him – a cue we can all take.


Season 1, Episode 2 – Ladies Room

An iconic scene from Mad Men. There are so many suits on the show it’s easy to get lost in the sea of them, but if you pay attention to the fabrics, colors, and patterns of Don Draper’s suits, you’ll see he’s quietly manifesting his artistic side. Rather than being nearly all blue or gray like Pete Campbell’s in the beginning of the series, Draper’s suits always have an interesting texture (such as tweed), color, or pattern (here, he’s in pinstripes).

Draper is a businessman but he’s also a creative, a balance reflected in his outfits.


Season 2, Episode 7 – The Gold Violin

Draper’s skinny tie and skinny lapels are carryovers from the ‘50s, a decade which had an immense influence on early ‘60s dressing. Again, Draper takes the suit away from stark black and white with a blazer made of multicolor thread and a subtly striped brown tie.


Season 3, Episode 5 – The Fog

Mad Men is set in an era when men wore hats. On the special occasion of welcoming his third child home, Draper is dressed to the nines in a suit and felt fedora with a tapered crown.


Season 4, Episode 3 – The Good News

It’s the end of 1964, and Don Draper is getting ready for a holiday trip to Acapulco. In the midst of shuffling from work to Los Angeles to visit Anna – the wife of the man whose identity he stole –  he goes into vacation dressing mode, topping his suit with a thick gray coat and even toting around a straw briefcase.


Season 5, Episode 8 – Lady Lazarus

Draper livens up an otherwise run-of-the-mill dark gray suit with a striped oxblood tie and his signature neat white pocket square.


Season 6, Episode 9 – The Better Half

It’s midsummer and scorching hot. Draper stays ever the professional with a tailored suit, albeit with a summery taupe blazer and neutral brown tie with contrasting azure blue stripes. It’s got a slightly groovier factor that we see increasingly on all characters as the show approaches 1970.

Jon Hamm as Don Draper - Mad Men _ Season 7, Episode 5 - Photo Credit:

Season 7

Draper’s ties get wider and more colorful during Mad Men’s last season. Colors like brown and blue – staples of the ‘70s – surface often. Lapels and pants follow the widening trend, and the mod influence is obvious.

Did we leave out any Don Draper outfits? Let us know what your favorite Draper outfit is in the comments!



The Gentleman’s Summer Travel Packing List

Europe beckons. But first, you must pack.

For many of us who are currently seeing more rain than sun, summer vacation is like a lofty dream. While you probably can’t hop a flight out of town fast enough, you need to deal with the logistics of packing the luggage. It’s not exactly a part of traveling anyone looks forward to, but we’re here to make things easier.

Read on for a streamlined packing list that emphasizes multifunctional pieces so you can spend less time packing and more time actually enjoying the vacation. Because a big part of traveling in style is getting from point A to point B succinctly.

Happy Travels!



1. A sturdy dopp bag filled with the essentials for good grooming

Pack pint-sized versions of everything you usually use at home. In addition to obvious essentials like toothpaste, a toothbrush, mouthwash, and a comb, don’t forget the gentleman’s essentials – a razor, brush, and shaving cream. We like Baxter of California Travel Kit with Dopp Bag because it packs everything we need into TSA-friendly containers, from face wash to shaving cream and after shave balm. We recommend a travel razor like the Merkur 45 Bakelite Safety Razor, and a boar bristle brush made specifically to fit neatly into your luggage, like Kent BK4 Traditional Small Silvertip Brush.

Nike Free

2. Comfortable shoes and running shoes

Traveling is hard on your body. Even if you’re used to eating well and working out, chances are during a trip you’ll change your diet and exercise regimen (i.e. there will be none). Carve out just half an hour every day to take a morning jog around the city in these Nike Free 4.0 Flyknits, developed with Stanford athletes for fast, easy movement. In gray and black, they’re pretty slick, too.

For the rest of the time, stay stylish yet comfortable in some low-profile chukkas. Wear these during your flight to pack one less thing in your luggage (or to make room for your running shoes).

Club Monaco T-Shirt

3. A basic T-shirt

Summer vacation packing necessitates considering the weather. Less is more if it’s warm where you’re going, and when it’s 89 degrees and humid, nothing beats a T-shirt. This gray Club Monaco Cotton-Blend Melange T-Shirt literally goes with everything, and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Sunspel Bengal Stripe Boxers

4. Underwear and extra socks

While we’re advocates of packing light (and thus minimizing frustration), you should always have a few extra pairs of socks and underwear. If you’re bringing dress shoes, consider Mr. Gray Loafer Socks in Charcoal, which keep feet dry and go invisible under loafers.

For underwear, stick to breathable fabrics like cotton, silk, and linen. We’re fans of Sunspel’s superbly fitted boxers in Begal Stripe.

Fun Fact: Sunspel has been making underwear since 1860 and crafted Daniel Craig’s t-shirts for the James Bond movies.

J. Crew Ludlow Shirt

5. A neutral dress shirt

For those fancy nights out your significant other is surely to schedule, J. Crew’s Ludlow Shirt in Japanese Chambray can do no wrong. Made from Japanese cotton denim, this shirt is tailored enough for a Michelin Star restaurant but casual enough for grabbing lunch at the deli the next day. The stiff spread collar and sleek Ludlow silhouette keep you looking classy even in the most unfavorable conditions.

GAP Slim Fit Jeans

6. Jeans and khakis 

You really only need two pants – dark-wash denim jeans, and khakis for special occasions. Gap makes a nice pair of straight fit dark wash jeans. These cotton jeans are sharp and comfortable for large bouts of walking.

For khakis, we like Banana Republic’s Modern Slim Non-Iron Cotton Pant, with non-iron technology that keeps them wrinkle-free and worry-free.

J. Crew Barbour Ashby Jacket

7. A multipurpose lightweight jacket

If you’re visiting an area with unpredictable weather (here’s looking at you, Birmingham, UK), dress light but prepare for the worst. J. Crew’s Barbour Sylkoil Ashby Jacket keeps you dry without adding too much insulation or bulk. That means you can throw it on in the morning and not have to worry about shivering come nightfall.

Filson Small Duffle Bag

8. A high-quality weekender

Traveling light means packing smarter. Invest in a solid weekender bag to avoid throwing in extra baggage. Keep it classy by not going for rolling luggage.

This green Filson Small Duffle Bag is made of cotton canvas with 100% bridle leather straps for durability.

Faribault Wool Blanket

9. A warm blanket

Never settle for those paper-thin airplane blankets again. Integrate some of the comforts of home with a warm blanket like the Faribault Mill Military Navy Gray Wool Blanket, which has been made to the same specifications as the original in 1917. This blanket accommodates a wide range of temperatures, and double cloth construction keeps it light yet breathable. It’s also easy to spot clean in case you spill some in-flight tipple.

Timex Watch

10. A world time watch

A watch is always a good call. But if you’re travelling, it becomes an essential. Going to a different time zone can be disorienting, so a watch with multiple time zones can help you keep track of time where you’re vacationing and at home. The Timex Intelligent Quartz World Time Watch can display the time at up to 24 major cities, which is enough for even the frequent traveler.



Interview: Mr King’s

Mr King's Headshot

Mr King’s Instagram posts are of the kind that adds a bit of cheer and whimsy to your feed. Some days, he’s at the Wessex Beardsmen competition sporting his signature Dali moustache; other days, he’s heading to a beer festival in a kitschy purple wig. And then there are the posts of his adorable little kids – the Mr King brood.

We’ve been carrying Mr King’s Royal Oil and Moustache Wax for a while now, and wanted to delve a little deeper behind the man and his Reading, UK-based line of men’s grooming products.

Read on for our interview with Johnny King (aka Mr King). We discuss the story behind the naming of his regal brand, his humble start on eBay, and his advice for entrepreneurs.


Where are you located?

Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom.

When and why did you start this business?

April 2012. I started making moustache wax as I couldn’t get on with the various different brands I had tried. Some of them were too hard to extract from the tin, others didn’t hold for long enough. I wanted a wax that would be easy to apply, hold all day long, and stay waterproof but wash out with ease. I also didn’t want anything with an overpowering scent under my nose.  As time went on and the beard became very popular, I decided that it was time to develop a beard oil.

How did you come up with the name of your company? 

That was easy. My surname is King and the word “marvelous” sounds nice with “moustache.” So I decided on Mr King’s Marvellous Moustache Wax. When naming my beard oil I wanted to keep with the royal theme. Since “royal” rhymes with “oil,” there it was…. Royal Oil. Mr King’s Royal Oil.

What inspires you?

Other brands that have been doing this longer then me. They drive me to try and make my brand bigger and better.



What are some of your accomplishments as a business?

Actually selling my products is an accomplishment. When I first made the wax, I never thought I would make a name for myself or even sell many tins, let alone have a website. When I started I only used eBay.  Three years on, and I’m selling the wax and beard oil via my website and on a wholesale level.

What do you believe makes a quality product?

I believe that if you have put in enough time and effort to make your product it will have quality.  I don’t think that my brand is very popular (compared to some), but I know that I have top-quality products. I use the best ingredients that are all natural and sourced from the UK. They are handmade with love and care by myself. I try and test every batch I make to ensure that they are the best products available.

What is one Mr King’s product every man should own and why?

I would have to say that every man with facial hair should own my Moustache Wax. You never know who you will bump into, so looking your best is a must.

What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing – keep doing what you’re doing and stick with it.

What do you have coming from Mr King’s in the near future?

I don’t want to give too much away, but there will be some new products online soon.

Where can readers find out more about your company?

You can see the everyday goings-on of Mr King on:


Facebook: MrKingsWax

Instagram: @mrkingswax

Twitter: @mrkingswax

You can shop for Mr King’s products at RoyalShave and our brother site, TheStache.

Mr King's Beard Competition


Gift Guide: 10 Mother’s Day Gift Picks


Mother’s Day honors the lady who kept us clean, fed, and out of trouble growing up. She tolerated us when went through our experimental hair phase, and coached us through our first girlfriend. So we fully recommend spoiling your mom on Mother’s Day, which falls on May 10th this year.

Because we know it’s not the easiest task finding a gift that lives up to her standards, we’ve compiled a list of ten picks that are guaranteed to impress her. Whether she’s active and fashionable or a collector of fine goods, we have a gift that’ll suit her interests splendidly.

Gentlemen, take note – you’ll thank us later.

Daniel Wellington Watch

Daniel Wellington ‘Classic St. Mawes’ Leather Strap Watch, 36mm $199

The ‘Classic St. Mawes’ Leather Strap Watch by Daniel Wellington is one of the most versatile watches out there. With clean lines, a minimalist aesthetic, and a heritage leather strap, this watch transitions easily from her lunch meeting to cocktails with the girls. The strap is removable and replaceable with any Daniel Wellington band so she can customize her look.

My New Roots Cookbook

My New Roots: Inspired Plant-Based Recipes for Every Season $20.25

Moms who love to cook will delight in My New Roots: Inspired Plant-Based Recipes for Every Season, which entices with beautiful photography and uncomplicated recipes based in whole foods and plants. The recipes are organized into seasons, so mom’s ingredients are the freshest possible.

Cartier Perfume

Cartier La Panthère Eau De Parfum Légère ($100 for 1.6 oz bottle)

With a name like Cartier attached to it, La Panthère Eau De Parfum Légère is bound to be both visually stunning and elegantly fragranced. Cartier La Panthère Eau De Parfum Légère, an update on the French brand’s La Panthère fragrance, is less musky and more floral than the original. Heart notes of gardenia, musk, and tiaré flower make this scent luminous.

And it’s packaged in a faceted feline bottle that is a veritable objet d’art for Cartier collectors.

The Bouqs

The Bouqs Fearless Bouquet $50

Unless she’s allergic to flowers, a bouquet is an excellent standby if you’re still stuck for ideas at the last minute. Los Angeles-based company the Bouqs can deliver next day if you order by 2 PM EST (of course, deliveries are not made on Sundays – ie. Mother’s Day – so try to plan in advance). The Bouqs is a little different from traditional florists, growing its flowers on the side of an active volcano in Ecuador and cutting flowers the day you order.

This Fearless bouquet is a modern take on the classic bouquet, mixing it up with a succulent, wax flowers, and alstroemeria. Or if you really want to make sure mom feels appreciated year-round, sign up for concierge service, which delivers flowers as often as you want.

Majorette Pearl Earrings

Hortense Majorette Pearl Earrings $184

Mom probably already has a set – if not several – of classic pearl earrings. But we’re willing to bet she hasn’t encountered pearls like these before. Two pearls – one white and one gray – sit opposite each other on an unembellished 14k gold bar. Made by French-born jewelry designer Hortense, the earrings are a subtle twist on a classic that’ll broadcast a certain je ne sais quoi.

Fresh Rose Face Mask

Fresh Rose Face Mask $62

You might get in trouble for buying her an anti-aging cream, but she’ll pleasantly surprised if she unwraps the Fresh Rose Face Mask. Not only does it smell like a bed of roses, but it’s also made from them – the mask is infused with 50% pure rosewater and an average of 2.5 roses per jar. Basically it’s luxury in a jar. Just how luxurious? Rose petals were once used by royalty like Cleopatra and Marie Antoinette for beautifying and fragrance purposes.

The formulation of rose petals, rose water, cucumber extract, and aloe vera hydrates, brightens, and tones the skin. We think you’ll hit a home run with this one.

Lululemon Ebb to Street Pant

Lululemon Ebb to Street Pant $92 – $102

Made for the active mom, Lululemon’s Ebb to Street Pant is a figure-flattering, ultra comfortable pant that is equally suited for pilates class as the coffee shop. Moisture-wicking technology keeps her dry throughout the day.

Coach Crossbody Bag

Coach Crosstown Crossbody in Polished Pebble Leather $195

The Coach Crosstown Crossbody in Polished Pebble Leather is for the stylish mom-on-the-go. With room for just the essentials, the bag is lightweight and embellished with a touch of gold hardware. Coach’s iconic turnlock makes transferring things in and out a cinch.

The black is a solid choice, but if mom has a penchant for hot pink or gold, make the right color selection.

Lavender Hand Cream

L’Occitane Hand Cream in Lavender $12

A good hand cream is an essential. L’Occitane hand creams are enriched with 20% shea butter and other natural ingredients like grape seed and coconut oil for intense moisturization. What we like about these hand creams is that they come in a variety of fragrances, so she can carry around her favorite scent wherever she goes.

Cubist Scarf

Nordstrom Cubist Modal Scarf $48 ($32.16 currently on sale)

A soft, stylish scarf that adds an elegant touch to any outfit. Nordstrom’s Cubist Modal Scarf is an affordable way to gift mom a high-quality accessory she’ll use time and time again. The wide cut of this silk-blend scarf allows her to drape it over her shoulders or fold and tie it.



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