Wedge Straight Razors vs. Hollow Straight Razors


Shaving with a straight razor is a glorious experience we share as wet shavers; however, the type of straight razor each of us uses is very personal. While there are many facets to consider when selecting a straight razor, today we will concentrate on the grind of a razor blade, which runs the spectrum between extra hollow and true wedge.

To simplify things, we’ve compiled a contrast and comparison chart noting the differences between a hollow grind and a wedge. A wedge, for instance, has a nice heft that’ll clean up your whiskers easily on the weight alone. As such, it’s an excellent blade type for those just starting off with straight razors and are still refining their technique. It’s also preferred by wet shavers who enjoy the sheer luxuriousness of the extra weight.

Meanwhile, a hollow grind provides much better feedback, both audibly and physically, which allows you to glide over the contours of your face with more finesse and reduce razor burn. It does require more dexterity to handle, however.

If you are currently a veteran wet shaver with a clear preference, we suggest using this chart to learn more about your favorite grind. With so many beautiful razors on the market, this is also a chance to explore new options.

Note: Whichever grind you prefer, opt for a stainless steel construction when possible, since it oxidizes at a slower rate.




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