Grooming Artist News Roundup: February 2017


Welcome to February!

With Valentine’s Day less than two weeks away, we’re sharing ideas for beautifully crafted, thoughtful presents for your significant other that don’t come from the mall or the neighborhood drug store. If you’re in a long term relationship and really want to impress her, we’ve included an article featuring the most romantic hotels in the world. From Marrakesh, Morocco to Shima, Japan, these hotels are destinations in and of themselves.

In wet shaving news, the Sharpologist talks about the allure of luxury razors and explains what you’re getting for the money. And we interview Barbershops of America author and photographer Rob Hammer about why it was important for him to document traditional barbershops across America. Hammer captures these community watering holes – and their barbers – in a way that honors this slowly disappearing institution.

We hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day!

Sharpologist does a roundup of 11 high end, luxury razors. (Sharpologist)

We interview Barbershops of America author Rob Hammer about documenting the disappearance of traditional barbershops around the country. (Grooming Artist)

Five vintage wet shaving products you should be using today. (Grooming Artist)

Stumped about what to get her for Valentine’s Day? Ask Men has a long list of non-cliché ideas that will exceed her expectations. (Ask Men)

If you’re looking to really splurge this Valentine’s Day (or to go big for the next one), these destination hotels are some of the most romantic in the world. (MR PORTER Journal)

Chances are you’ll be watching the big game this Sunday. This year, skip the vats of queso and pizza pockets and instead enjoy the elegant fare suggested by Food & Wine, like a beet slider with goat cheese. (Food & Wine)


The Grooming Artist News Roundup: March 2016


Now that we’re on the verge of spring, our spirits are up and we’re looking forward to new beginnings and adventures outdoors. So this month, we’ve rounded up 7 life-changing European road trips that will have you exploring the rich art, culture, and history of the south of France and taking a grand tour of Italy’s greatest food hits. Prepare for your trip with a brand new pair of leather boots from UK-based Grenson, which just opened its first US store.

And while you’re at it, stock up on all your wet shaving travel essentials at our new storefront in Costa Mesa! Place an order online and pick it up in store, or simply visit us and feel free to browse before you buy!

Finally, we’re wrapping things up with some wet shaving advice and Oscars style lessons.


Ever been tempted by the allure of a vintage razor? Here’s how to restore old razors without too much frustration, using only household products. (Why I Wet Shave)

Styling advice we can all learn from the men at the Oscars: when you’ve got a divet in your shoulders, your suit doesn’t fit right. (GQ)

RoyalShave has a new storefront, and you should visit. Although you can also see a peek here on the blog. (Grooming Artist)

15 interesting tidbits about moustaches, including the fact that in the finals of the MLB Word Series, MLB teams with more overall facial hair usually win. (PPCORN)

Northampton-based brand Grenson has just opened its first U.S. store, landing on Elizabeth Street in Manhattan. Grenson has been crafting beautiful shoes and boots since the 19th century and will sure to become a mecca for shoe lovers. (Esquire)

The seven greatest European road trips you can take this spring/summer. (GQ)


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