The Grooming Artist News Roundup: August 2016


The big news today at the beginning of August is Unilever’s decision to purchase Dollar Shave Club for a whopping $1 billion – quite a chunk of cash considering the company is technically still not yet profitable. (According to Unilever CEO Paul Polman, Dollar Shave Club is, however, “inherently profitable.”)

In other wet shaving news, The Sharpologist lists the 6 products he can’t live without, and we survey our straight razors and DE razors for those standouts customers love time and time again.

We’ve also included articles on the betterment of yourself as a gentleman – specifically, how to dress with finesse and how to be situationally aware à la Jason Bourne.

Enjoy this month’s roundup!

Unilever just bought Dollar Shave Club for $1 billion, signaling Unilever’s entry into the men’s shaving market. (Business Insider)

The Olympics beckon! Here are the top Team USA athletes to watch once Rio 2016 kicks off. (GQ)

Mantic 59 over at The Sharpologist is one of the most trusted authorities in wet shaving, and has tested hundreds of products. These are the 6 wet shaving products he can’t do without. (The Sharpologist)

We narrowed down our top 5 safety razors and top 3 straight razors, as used and reviewed by customers. A great place to start if you’re looking for another piece to add to your collection, or are new to wet shaving! (The Grooming Artist)

Keep this one handy through the end of summer: the 7 most effective ways to treat your sunburn. (GQ)

If you’re a follower of the Jason Bourne movies, you know that Bourne has a superhuman ability to observe his surroundings and make assessments. But this isn’t just movie magic – you can learn Bourne’s situational awareness with this guide. (The Art of Manliness)

Gentleman’s Gazette interviewed Bernhard Roetzel, author of Gentleman: A Timeless Guide to Fashion and Bespoke Menswear. There’s much great advice to take to heart, including the basics of dressing and acting like a gentleman. (Gentleman’s Gazette)


The Grooming Artist News Roundup: April 2016


Traveling is one of life’s greatest pleasures. And if you’re like most folks, you’ve got your eye on getting away somewhere far, warm, and sandy. But if you’ve ever tried to bring your wet shaving razor (and blades) along for the flight, you know it can be difficult to continue your daily shaving routine. Thankfully, The Sharpologist offers a simple way to travel with a DE razor and other shaving essentials – all in a carry-on.

Should you decide to stay closer to home for your spring holiday, we’ve got Travel + Leisure’s list of America’s Best Spring Drives for inspiration.

Keep your mind engrossed during your journey with our round-up of all the latest in wet shaving and men’s grooming and style news, including our blog on how to find the best DE razor for you, and six new Seiko timepieces well worth the investment.


A quality timepiece will last you a lifetime. Here, six luxury watches by Seiko that are deserving of your consideration, including the traveler-friendly Seiko Astron GPS Solar, which automatically syncs its displayed time to the time zone you’re in. (Esquire)

80% of the comfort of your shave comes from your razor blade. We show you how to find the best DE razor blade for you in our step-by-step method. (The Grooming Artist)

How to optimize your shaving routine to finish smoothly and with minimal skin irritation. (Huffington Post Canada)

Famously bearded model Ricki Hall is having his beard shaved off for the Mesothelioma Cancer Charity, in honor of his late father, who passed away last October from the cancer. (Express and Star)

Traveling with a DE razor can be difficult, and it’s not always desirable to bring a checked bag. Mantic 59 shows you how to bring everything you need for a satisfying wet shave – all in your carry-on. (The Sharpologist)

Thinking about places to vacation? You don’t have to look far. Travel + Leisure offers a list of America’s most breathtaking spring drives. (Travel + Leisure)


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