The Royal Shave 12 Minute Morning Routine For Men

12 minute shave

Most of us when we wake up aren’t all that energized. The first thing we head to when we step out of bed is the coffee pot (for those of you who drink coffee) hmm, that does sound great right now! After that we head to the shower knowing we need to shave (if it is needed) but the thought of lathering our face, and shaving seems like it will take hours in that moment. Not true! This can be down in 12 minutes. Follow this Royal Shave routine and you will see the result. To add a little fun, time it and let us know how it goes!

First things first. Run a hot shower and wait for the steam to fill the empty cold air in your bathroom. Once you see this, hop in and soak your face in with the hot water and let the steam open your pours. we recommend bathing and shaving at the end so the pours on your face are 100% open. This will give you a closer shave because the skin is softer as well as the hairs in your beard.


1. Use a preshave oil.

Pre shaving oil is a type of lubricant that is applied to the skin prior to shaving your beard. The pre-shaving oil provides a closer, smoother shave and allows the razor to glide on the skin’s surface which reduces irritation.

We recommend:




The Art of Shaving Pre Shave Oil, 60ml ($19.95)


2. Use a shaving cream and brush

Another term used for this is to ‘lather the face.’ This causes a foamy substance on the beard in order to shave. Soak your brush in hot water and then dip it into the shaving soap or cream and swirl it around a few times to create a foam substance and then apply this to your face.

We recommend:

toobstSandalwoodTaylor of Old Bond Street Luxury Shaving Cream Bowl ($15.95)




RoyalShave PB2 Best Badger 3-Band Shaving Brush ($42.95)


3. Choosing your razor

There is a very big difference between a cartridge razor, safety razor and straight razor. To read more about this go to Whatever tool you use, prepare it for your shave. Make sure your blade is sharp!

we recommend:

Safety Razor:




Merkur 34C HD Chrome Plated Safety Razor ( $49.50 )

Straight razor:

HR-405-009-00-RoyalShave-5-8-straight-razor-by-dovo-2014-004_2Royal Shave 5/8″ Full Hollow Straight Razor Exclusively by Dovo ( $159.00 )


4. Time to shave!

When shaving with  a safety razor make sure the weight of the razor does most of the work.   Hold it to your face like the picture below and pull down against the grain. If this is your first time shaving with a safety razor expect irritation on the face. The skin has to get used to this razor, the lather and everything that goes with this method of shaving. After a few shaves the irritation will be less. If there still continues to be irritation please look into changing your shaving cream.  Repeat this shaving method twice to ensure a close shave.

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With a straight razor when shaving make sure you pull the skin opposite to the direction you are shaving. Gently scrape down the face against the grain. There should be a slight gap between your skin and the razor. Please be very careful when using this technique it is easy to cut up your face.


5. Rinse and skin food

Once the shaving is over, rinse your face and then dab with a hot towel. Wait about 1 minute and then apply skin food to your face. What is skin food? Skin Food is a smooth gel-like liquid primarily used as an aftershave treatment. This will help with irritation and smoothness to your skin after your shave.

We recommend:



Geo F. Trumper Skin Food, 200ml ($37.95 )


Enjoy your 12 minute shave time!





Mühle: Time, Dedication & Skill


Mühle Shaving Company is a company that is known for their high- quality products for wet shaving. So what’s behind this brand that makes it so fine in quality? Mühle says; “Our high quality standards are based on our product development, the selection of excellent materials and their traditional processing.” In 1945 Mühle made their first shaving brush in Stutzengrun, Germany.

Their products are so well crafted by specialists. Each specialist profits from their craftsmanship. Mühle tells us that “the result is beauty and durability.” The final product is assembled by hand placing the individual components together carefully. Once the final product is assembled, each one is then scrutinized before it is passed on to the new owner.

Mühle is well known for their shaving brushes and their quality but what’s really behind this all. The hair qualities are silvertip badger, silvertip fiber, best badger + fine badger, pure badger, black fiber and pure bristle. Each quality brush has its own individual advantages. You can read more on each one here: Mühle Shaving Brushes.  The shaving brushes were made in a wash-house. This is where the logo was born and placed onto the handles of the brushes. Mühle means mill and a mill is a factory for certain kinds of manufacture, as paper, steel, or textiles according to

Mühle is also well known for all their quality materials used on all of their products. Materials such as Horn and wood, Chinese lacquer, Carbon, Synthetic, Metal and porcelain. This is what Mühle shared,  “In the following two decades, the variety of products was expanded to form a high-quality full range – a range which we have been maintaining under the umbrella brand MÜHLE and with a new corporate design since 2006.  Mühle not only has shaving accessories for wet shaving but a complete Mühle skin care line that launched in 2008 that consists of soaps, creams and lotions consisting of 99 percent plant materials, beeswax and mineral components. The perfume is made from essential oils and nature-identical substances. – Mühle History

Mühle opened a small historical museum in 2006 where you can stroll the 200 years or related wet shaving information and tales about the art of shaving. The history of Mühle is absolutely impeccable. This is not only a quality product company but it is all about craftsmanship and the people. They have really carried and amazing generation of quality products and craftsmanship.

The portrait and history of Mühle:


Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

Valentine’s Day is probably one of the hardest days to buy your loved one a gift… What do you get a man? We don’t want it to be too much or not thoughtful. so… where is the balance between these thoughts and questions? We have discovered a few products that are under $100 that would be great for your guy.



Muhle R89 Closed Comb Double Edge Safety Razor – $49.95


30 Degree Basic Leather Strop with Metal Grip 2 inch – $19.95


Baxter of California Super Close Shave Formula – $12.00


Merkur Beige Zipper Case – $14.95


Kensington Luxury Shaving Set with Mach 3 Razor and Silvertip Brush – $99.95



Puma Straight Razor with Black Plastic Handle, 5/8″ – $99.95

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