Congratulations to our 2016 Movember Giveaway Winners!

Thank you to all of the men and women who participated in our 2016 RoyalShave Movember Giveaway! It was incredibly hard picking the best from our impressive group of entries, but we’ve finally selected our lucky 3 winners! Each winner will be receiving a luxurious wet shaving package worth over $200!

The envelope, please…

Styled – Max Wall


Natural – Jim Cole


Freestyle – Dereck White


Thank you to everyone who grew a ‘stache or facial hair to bring awareness to men’s health this month. We look forward to more Movember fun next year!


The Grooming Artist News Roundup: November 2016


Welcome to the first day of November – or Movember, for those of you growing your beard in support of this men’s health movement. Movember is a reminder to brothers, fathers, partners, and friends to take care of themselves, physically and mentally. And with good reason: 1 in 2 men will be diagnosed with cancer in his lifetime, and around 15 million adults (6.7% of the population) are diagnosed with depression every year.

As such, this Grooming Artist Roundup is a selection of articles designed to make you feel good, inside and out. From the Art of Manliness guide to how to undo the damage of sitting (a must-read if you have a desk job) to the chance to win some fabulous wet shaving supplies via our Movember Giveaway, we hope you take a step back to enjoy.

Lifehacker Australia presents a step-by-step video for those of you transitioning over to a straight razor from a safety razor. (Lifehacker AU)

For your entertainment: the worst grooming trends of all time (yes, hair metal made the list). (Esquire)

GQ’s 2016 Grooming Awards Winners are out! Check the list for 7 products that’ll fashion a handsomer face. (GQ)

Celebrate Movember by attending one of these events, taking place across the country. (Movember Foundation)

You can also take part in Movember by entering our RoyalShave Movember Giveaway! (Grooming Artist)

Keeping your straight razor in working shape means remembering to give it some R&R. This video shows you how to oil your straight razor. (YouTube)

We had the pleasure of interviewing Joanna Broughton, Director of Truefitt & Hill in London, about the endurance of the brand (it was founded in 1805), lesser known tidbits of Truefitt history, and much more! (Grooming Artist)

How to undo the damage of sitting. (The Art of Manliness)


Congratulations to the RoyalShave Movember Giveaway Winners!


After a month-long friendly competition amongst bearded and moustached men across the states, we’ve finally chosen our winners for the RoyalShave Movember Giveaway!

The envelope, please…

Natural – Dean Wankel (Facebook)

Dean Wankle

Styled # 1 – Jeff Bittner (Facebook)

Jeff Bittner Styled

Styled # 2 – Matthew Sketch (Facebook)

Matthew Sketch

Freestyle – Brian Warneck (Instagram)


Each winner will receive a men’s grooming care package worth over $200!

In addition, RoyalShave pledged to donate $5 for each individual participant, so will be donating $115 to the Movember Foundation thanks to all the entries we received!

Thank you to all who took the time to enter our giveaway in support of men’s health!


We’re Loving Your Movember Giveaway Entries!

Our RoyalShave Movember Giveaway is still going strong! Here’s a quick rundown:


You can enter on Instagram or Facebook (or both, as many times as you want!).


  1. Like us on Facebook.
  2. Share a photo of your best facial hair on our Facebook timeline. Include the category you’d like to be considered for and a caption that describes your look.


  1. Follow us on Instagram.
  2. Post a photo of your best facial hair and tag us with both @RoyalShave and #RoyalShaveGiveaway. Include the category you’d like to be considered for and a caption that describes your look.

For full details, see our blog post on the Movember Giveaway. Each category winner gets a huge men’s grooming package that includes a Taylor of Old Bond Street Luxury Shaving Cream Bowl, a Shear Revival pomade, shaving balms and oils from The Art of Shaving, and much more!

Movember is a fun time to grow out your facial hair for the first time, or to experiment with what you already have, but we can’t forget the root issue of this event – instigating change for men’s health.

According to, 1 in 2 American men will be diagnosed with cancer in his lifetime, and 1 in 7 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Whether you start up a new exercise routine, make a pledge to eat healthier, or participate in our Movember Giveaway, we hope this month sheds light on the importance of taking care of yourself!

With that being said, we’ve been enjoying your entries on Facebook and Instagram wanted to share a couple of them here! Hope to see yours soon!

Adam Schlosser Styled

(Via Facebook User Adam Schlosser)

Category: Styled (Well-Dressed Wolverine)

Jeff Bittner Styled

(Via Facebook user Jeff Bittner)

Category: Styled

Erick Busold Natural

(Via Facebook user Erick Busold)

Category: Natural (Horseshoe) 

Tyson Robert 1285

(Via Instagram user @TysonRobert1285)

Category: Natural 


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