Our 5 Favorite Men’s Style and Grooming Blogs

There are many facets to a sharp, well-groomed gentleman. While we cover wet shaving and style here on The Grooming Artist, there are a number of worthy men’s blogs out there that we keep tabs on for the latest in fashion, etiquette, and lifestyle.

Here, we pick our five favorite men’s blogs of the moment. We hope you find a new favorite for yourself!


Distilled Man

The Distilled Man

Website: thedistilledman.com

The Distilled Man is dedicated to fostering the modern-day gentleman. Kyle Ingham, founder of the blog, writes in his mission statement, “these days, a lot of guys grow up without many of the classic skills their fathers and grandfathers had.” We visit the blog for easy-to-apply advice on everything from how to increase your motivation to exercise to how to become an upstanding man that others look up to. There are also fun (and very useful) posts like ‘7 Habits of a Successful Bar Crawl’ and ‘How to Make Small Talk Without Feeling Small.’

Mr Porter

Mr Porter The Journal

Website: mrporter.com/journal

When it comes to luxury fashion and style advice, Mr Porter The Journal, published weekly, is indispensable. The Journal showcases the makers behind emerging and established brands, takes you behind the scenes of fashion trendsetters via day-in-the-life editorials, and of course, offers up tons of style cues. If you’re looking for high-fashion menswear news, make this website a regular visit.

He Spoke Style

He Spoke Style

Website: hespokestyle.com

If we gain style inspiration from Mr Porter, then we discover its real-life application via He Spoke Style. Created in 2013 by Brian Sacawa to “provide practical style advice, and to offer approachable, honest and relatable content for regular guys interested in menswear,” He Spoke Style offers a minimalist approach to style, grooming, and travel.

Sacawa is an expert at teaching you how to mix, match, and tailor the pieces you’ve got to get the most mileage out of them. Just visit the neatly organized Style Guide for every piece he owns styled into an outfit (and remixed several different ways). Outfit profiles always come with a spoonful of advice, whether it’s the history behind a piece or how to tie the look together.

One particular feature we like is the Advice page, where Sacawa answers readers’ questions.

Art of Manliness

The Art of Manliness

Website: artofmanliness.com

With a book, nearly a million followers on Facebook, and a bevy of specialized contributors, The Art of Manliness is the juggernaut of men’s lifestyle blogs. In fact, we would argue that The Art of Manliness is far more than just a style or grooming blog; it’s an all-encompassing guide that uncovers the lost art of being a man.

Founded by Brett and Kate McKay in 2008, The Art of Manliness teaches you how to be a well-rounded man. Articles are a mix of vintage fascination (‘5 Types of Drivers: A Dossier from a 1955 Driver’s Ed Manual’) and modern-day know-how (‘The Minimal Wardrobe: How to Choose a Swiss Army Overcoat’).

The site is pulled together with a nostalgic design and Old World illustrations.

The Sharpologist


Website: sharpologist.com

Mantic 59’s approach to shaving is nearly surgical, making his reviews and recommendations so rich with detail they’re worthy of a textbook for novice and veteran wet shavers alike. We rely on the blog’s honest, thorough approach to wet shaving, and appreciate Mantic 59’s insightful tips, accumulated through years of practicing the art.


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