The Grooming Artist’s Wet Shaving Holiday Gift Guide


We are in the full swing of the holidays here at RoyalShave! Since most of us are inundated with family gatherings and other social events this time of year, we’re saving you the extra stress of coming up with the perfect present for the wet shaver in your life with our Wet Shaving Holiday Gift Guide.

From the straight razor novice to the gentleman looking to add a valuable new piece to his collection, we have a carefully selected pick that’ll fit the bill.

Use this gift guide for finding that perfect present, or to fill your own Christmas wish list.



For the Straight Razor Beginner

This Dovo 5/8” Half Hollow Best Quality Straight Razor Shaving Set is a pleasurable way to introduce a young gentleman into the world of wet shaving. The 5/8”-wide, half hollow ground blade is suitable for beginners, while the shave brush, stand, shaving cream, and alum pen complete the wet shave experience.

Your recipient will also learn the fine art of stropping with the included red latigo strop.

SHOP: Dovo 5/8” Half Hollow Best Quality Straight Razor Shaving Set, $180 (on sale now)


For the Safety Razor Connoisseur

Come Christmas, we all enjoy unwrapping a beautifully packaged gift. Save yourself the endless tangles of gift wrap and tape with the Feather Wood Handle Stainless Steel Safety Razor Set, which comes in a charming black box. Feather doesn’t skimp on the details, either – the heavy, stainless steel razor is set in a wood handle for non-slip grip, and the set comes with a safety razor stand all dressed up in black.

This way, the safety razor connoisseur in your life can proudly display his new collectible.

SHOP: Feather Wood Handle Stainless Steel Safety Razor Set, $499.95


For the Collector

When money’s not an issue, the Thiers Issard Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush is the definition of luxury. The thick 26 mm knot, in combination with the brush’s silvertip badger hair, is exceptionally good at holding water, producing rich lather quickly that lifts whiskers and prepares your recipient for a satisfying shave.

SHOP: Thiers Issard Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush – Genuine Horn, in Brown ($320) or Black ($280)


For the Fragrance-Conscious Gentleman

For the dapper man who likes to smell good, old world barber Geo F Trumper excels just as much at fragrance as it does wet shaving implements. Geo F Trumper Cologne is available in bright and simple Extract of Limes, exotic namesake GFT, and warm, rich Sandalwood, a fragrance we highly recommend for cold weather. Whichever fragrance you choose, it is sure to please both the wearer and those who surround him.

SHOP: Geo F Trumper Cologne, $65


For the Skincare Guru

Irritation-free skin is a huge part of the wet shaving experience. Get him a shaving cream that’ll provide a smooth shave while conditioning skin so it’s in peak condition.

Proraso’s Green Tea and Oatmeal Shaving Cream is designed to calm sensitive skin and is formulated without parabens, so it’ll check out in the book of even the most discerning skincare guru.

SHOP: Proraso Shaving Cream, Green Tea and Oatmeal, $9.95


Common Shaving Problems: Not Using the Right Blade + Incorrect Blade Angle

Maquinilla de afeitar con borcha en fondo blanco

Why is selecting a good safety razor blade important?

Blades often get the short end of the stick. They’re inexpensive and replaceable, so it’s easy to focus instead on purchasing a nice razor handle. But your double edge safety razor handle is merely the device that holds that sharp piece of metal which ultimately makes contact with your face.

Because each man’s face is different – we all have different skin types, hair textures, and contours – a sharp blade that one wet shaver swears by may tug and pull at another man’s skin. If you participate in wet shaving forums, you’ll hear raves about brands like Feather, Crystal, and Derby, coming from men who had amazing experiences with them. But take their raves with a grain of salt until you try the blade for yourself. Think of it this way: Every brand will have people who love it and people who hate it.

If you’re just venturing into the wet shaving world and feel a little overwhelmed by the sheer amount of blade options, our advice is to purchase a sample pack so you can find the right one for you. We sell a couple sample packs with blades from different manufacturers in each one. Once you determine which one you like, you can then invest in a larger quantity of blades.

What is the correct angle at which I should hit the skin with the blade?

If you’ve been shaving with cartridge razors up until now, realize that unlike cartridge razors, safety razors do not pivot. This means you must pay much more attention to the blade angle to avoid nicks and cuts.

Ideally, your blade’s edge should strike at almost a 90 degree angle to your stubble, nearly parallel to your skin. Try to keep the cap’s edge in contact with your skin. Take extra short strokes on areas that have more curves – your chin, neck, and jawline – so you can more easily maintain blade angle.

I’m shaving at the correct blade angle. Why am I still getting nicks?

When shaving, take into account that some razors are more aggressive than others since they expose more of the blade. If you have thick hair and/or normal skin, aggressive razors may provide you with the pefect shave. But if your skin is sensitive, you might find yourself in a bit of a (bloody) mess.

In the end, it comes down to experimentation. Try different blades in combination with different double edge razors until you get a shave that’s comfortable and enjoyable. It sounds like a lot of work compared with simply grabbing a cartridge razor, but trust us, once you master the art of safety razor shaving, the closeness of the shave is incomparable.


Infographic: The Top Reasons Why Men Shave

The hipster beard is not becoming obsolete anytime soondespite constant discussion of whether or not we’ve hit “peak beard” – yet a staggering 90% of men still shave at least once a day. That means that more often than not, you’ll find a clean-faced chap greeting you at the coffee shop, or helping you out at the bank. And it’s not just for convenience or to look corporate friendly – according to the following infographic, shaving can boost all aspects of your life, from feeling more confident to performing better at sports to being more attractive to the ladies.

Shaving regularly can literally make you look better, too. Shaving exfoliates skin and removes dead skin cells, so you look dashing no matter what your age.

The list of reasons why you should shave continues below, but let’s not forget the heritage aspect. Wet shaving inducts you into the fold of an incredible wet shaving community. And admittedly, it’s a great feeling when you can lather up just like your father and grandfather did and handle that razor with discipline and finesse.

Top Reasons Why Men Shave - By


Open Comb Razors vs. Closed Comb Razors


(Left to Right: Fatip Retro Chrome Safety Razor, Right, Muhle R89 Twist 2 Piece Closed Comb Safety Razor)

A common question we get asked is whether one should use a closed comb razor or an open comb razor. Here’s our take:

Each razor is tailored to a specific purpose. On the closed comb razor (like the Muhle R89), much of the blade is covered by the razor head edge. This produces a less aggressive shave, but it also means that if you’re just beginning your wet shaving journey, the learning curve is not as steep. In other words, you’re less likely to cut yourself. We also recommend the closed comb razor if you have finer hair or want a touch up.

The open comb razor (like the Fatip Retro Chrome Safety Razor) is excellent for shaving thick or coarse hair because its ridges expose more of the blade. The blade gets closer to your skin even without much pressure. Because you can get a closer shave with fewer strokes, you minimize your chances of irritation, redness, and razor burn.

The verdict?

The type of safety razor you choose depends on personal preference, hair thickness, patience, and shaving style.



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