What is Apothecary?


What is Apothecary?

When I heard this word, I had no idea what it meant. I just remember thinking that this is an awesome looking word and means something fancy. Well fancy is right! Apothecary means a druggist/pharmacist which derives from the Medieval Latin word; ‘apothēcārius’ which means seller of spices and drugs. This is equivalent to Latin ‘apothēc’ that means shop. So, we get it they are the holders of the collected knowledge of the therapeutic properties of substances used for healing.  Fancy that!

With this in mind Royal Shave has developed a collection of therapeutic products for the rest of your body, aptly named Apothecary. Here you will find products ranging from toothpaste to deodorants and soaps. Every one of them is made from highly quality ingredients and carefully selected to represent the best there is in men’s health and grooming.

Choose below from the top sellers among the wide variety of products sold at www.royalshave.com

HR_454-058-00_triumph-and-disaster-rock-and-roll-suicide-face-scrub_2 (1)

Triumph & Disaster Rock & Roll Suicide Face Scrub – $35.00


Marvis Toothpaste 75ml – $10.50


Boellis Sport of Panama Eau de Toilette – $120.00


Game Day Men Shower Gel – $20.00


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