Interview: RazoRock




RazoRock has the kind of name that immediately provokes curiosity (it sounded like a rock band name to us at first). So of course we set out to get the scoop on this Toronto-based wet shaving brand.

Exclusively on The Grooming Artist, RazoRock founder Joseph Abbatangelo gives us an in-depth look at the brand and how it aims to empower every man with a quality wet shaving experience that doesn’t dent the wallet. Read on for our interview with RazoRock!

Where are you located?

We are based out of Toronto in Ontario, Canada.

When and why did you start this business?

The idea for the business originated while we were on vacation in Tuscany, Italy.  We were searching for some alum blocks for my father-in-law, who is a retired Italian Barber.  We eventually found half a dozen of them in a small shop in Lucca, Tuscany, and after using them to great result, we decided to open a small hobby business and start importing these alum blocks to Canada.

Little did we know that five years later, we would be importing almost 2,000 different traditional shaving and toiletry products and have a brand with clients from all around the globe.

How did you come up with the name of your company? 

Our first product was our RazoRock Alum Stick.  It was a “rock” used after the “razor,” so “RazoRock” made logical sense.  Back then, we didn’t realize we would eventually be selling shaving soaps, aftershave splash, pre shaves, razors, deodorants, and more!

What inspires you?

I love wet shaving, I love great fragrance, and most of all, I LOVE ITALY.  My job allows me to travel to a place I love and to create products I’m personally passionate about.



What are some of your accomplishments as a business?

The accomplishment I’m most proud of is being able to offer super high quality products at value prices that any man can afford.  It’s very easy to make a great $50 shaving soap; it’s not so easy to make a great shaving soap and sell it for $7.99.  Every man deserves a high-quality shave, regarding of class, status, or pay grade.  Looking great is an important part of feeling great!

What do you believe makes a quality product?

In the wet shaving and toiletry segment a quality product (in my opinion) requires the following… a) High quality and natural ingredients; b) Packaging that is beautiful and user friendly; and c) Performance that delivers beyond the client’s expectations.

What is one RazoRock product every man should own and why?

That’s a tough question because we put our passion into all our products.  If I was pressed to pick one, it would be our Italian Shaving Soaps.  I believe the quality of our Italian Shaving Soaps is right there with the best shaving soaps in the world, and when you combine that with their affordable prices, it really makes them a no-brainer.  Not a day goes by where I don’t get an email or a Facebook message from a client who thanks me for the value of our Shaving Soaps.

What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

If you are going to pursue a business, you better find something you absolutely love and are passionate about because entrepreneurship isn’t just a job. If you do it successfully, it becomes your life, so be prepared to work 18 hours a day, 7 days a week.  If you aren’t prepared to dedicate your entire life to your business, don’t waste your time, because your competition will eat you for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

What do you have coming from RazoRock in the near future?

We just launched a new razor called the RazoRock “Baby Smooth,” a double edge safety razor that is built for men with sensitive skin.  The razor is CNC machined out of solid aluminum in Canada, and will offer a price point that is going to shake up the market.

Where can readers find out more about your company?

The best place to find out more about our company and our products is through our social media platforms (below) and also our vendor thread on the internet forum Badger and Blade.


Facebook: RazoRock

Instagram: @RazoRock

Twitter: @razorockjoe

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Interview: Dr K Soap Company


Dr k Soap Company Beard Tonic

Here at RoyalShave, we are constantly scouring the globe to bring you the best men’s grooming products. When we discovered Dr K Soap Company in Cork, Ireland, we knew we had stumbled upon a gem. Concepted and formulated by a biochemist and scientist with a penchant for natural ingredients, Dr K Products not only perform exceedingly well, but they’re also good for you (and cruelty free!).

Check out our interview with Dr. Rob Karreman, founder of Dr K Soap Company, to learn all the interesting details of how the company started, how the beautiful scenery of Ireland inspires his creation process, and what’s to come.

Where are you located?

Cork, Ireland.

When and why did you start this business?

I started the business in 2011 after funding ran out for my position as a researcher at a university in Cork, Ireland. The process of soapmaking had always appealed to the biochemist and scientist in me and so it was almost a natural transition. I also really liked the idea of experimentation in my own lab – it was and still is an exciting and fun process to manufacture the Dr K range of body care products.

How did you come up with the name of your company? 

The company is named after me – Dr (Rob) K(arreman).

What inspires you?

My inspiration is intrinsic to my personality – I am inquisitive and a perfectionist so product formulation and development ticks all of the right boxes. I also love nature. Living in Ireland, I am fortunate to be surrounded by lush, unspoiled beauty which inspires the use of all-natural ingredients and earthy, natural colours in my packaging and branding.


What are some of your accomplishments as a business?

Dr K Soap Company started out as a cottage industry in my kitchen and has since blossomed into an internationally recognized brand in men’s grooming.

What do you believe makes a quality product?

Meticulous research and attention to detail. There are many products out there that rely on hype, but I strive to research each ingredient to ensure that the end product is the best that it can be. While branding and packaging are important and certainly help with retail presence, I feel that the product itself speaks volumes at the end of the day in terms of customer satisfaction. Many of my sales are from repeat customers, a clear indicator of the quality and contribution of the product to men’s lifestyles.

What is one Dr K Soap Company product every man should own and why?

If you own a beard, Dr K’s Beard Tonic is a must-have, especially for the drier winter months. If you are clean shaven, Dr K’s Shaving Soap is a top-quality soap that provides a smooth shave with excellent after-shave moisturisation. It is also one of the very few vegan-friendly shaving soaps on the market today.

What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

I would say “go with your dream”. I started my company from scratch with a dream of providing people with a top-quality product that would be better for them than the mass-produced, chemical-laden products on our supermarket shelves. I am delighted that others share this vision as well – by purchasing my products and contributing to the growth of the Dr K brand, they have shown the grooming industry an immense demand for natural products.

What do you have coming from Dr K Soap Company in the near future?

While the company is currently focused on few flagship products – simply due to the overwhelming demand for them (!) – I plan to bring out some new products as time permits. In the pipeline are variations of scents for our Beard Soap & Beard Tonic and new products such as a Beard Balm and Moustache Wax for styling applications.

Where can readers find out more about your company?

I have a website at and several social media channels, including:

Facebook: DrKSoapCompany

Instagram: @DrKSoapCompany

Twitter: @DrKSoapCompany

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Robert Karreman_Dr K

Dr K Soap Company Beard Care Set



Interview: Zeus Beard

Zeus Grooming Company

Known for a carefully curated, all-natural range of products and a commitment to never using harmful chemicals nor conducting animal testing, Zeus Beard has quickly become popular with beard enthusiasts since its debut in 2014. Growing a beard can be itchy and downright uncomfortable, so Zeus products aim to make managing your beard simple and enjoyable. We love how they respect grooming as a craft and keep their ingredients list simple – it’s grooming as nature intended.

Read on for our exclusive interview with Zeus Beard, including the answer the often-asked question of how the company got its unique name!

Where are you located?

We are located in Newport Beach, CA.

When and why did you start this business?

We launched Zeus Beard last year to help the bearded gentleman. We had heard a lot of complaints about the difficulties of growing and maintaining a beard.  So we decided to come up with a solution.

How did you come up with the name of your company?

We wanted our beard brand to replicate a strong man in everything he does, from growing his beard to how he makes a living to being the leader of his family. The complaints we heard from beard growers helped us understand that growing a beard is a full commitment. You have to be beard strong – stick it out through the itchy pain of growing a beard.

We found it interesting that many men in powerful positions have beards, such as Abraham Lincoln, Hercules, and of course, the Greek god Zeus. This is how we came up with the name Zeus!

What differentiates Zeus from other beard grooming companies?

Zeus is geared towards a whole different target market. The Zeus man is a strong, independent individual who enjoys the active lifestyle. He embraces his manhood and the common interests he shares with other men, especially his bearded brothers.  In addition to all things bearded, he participates in outdoor activities (surfing, camping, and hiking) and sports. He is a purveyor of current events, artisanal craftsmanship, finely crafted cars, vintage motorcycles, good food, and good spirits. He is a passionate lover of life and living.

What do you believe makes a quality product?

When it comes to developing a product, we believe in listening to our customers first. They are the ones using the product, so we are always attentive to their needs and concerns. We also believe in extensive research and development to make sure the final product performs to our standards.

What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

When you have a dream, sit on it for a while; chew on it, and then go for it. You can do anything you put your mind to. You are the only person who limits what you can do in this life.

Where can readers find out more about your company?

Facebook: Zeus Men

Instagram: @zeusbeard

Twitter: @zeusbeardco

Blog: Zeus Beard Blog

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Zeus beard care prestige kit

Zeus Grooming

Zeus Grooming

Zeus Men


Interview: Captain Fawcett


Known as “The Gentleman’s Stiffener” Captain Fawcett is the home to a range of Gentlemen’s grooming products. The products range from Beard oil, mustache wax, shaving soap, shaving brushes, safety razors and so on. This all started back in 1997 when an old trunk was purchased from a house clearance and taken home. Discovering that this belonged to Captain Peabody Fawcett R.N Ret’d, the Edwardian Explorer it was forced open and among the contents inside were oils and ointments and an old journal containing detailed lists of exotic ingredients. Taking on the responsibility of carrying out the legendary “keep a stiffer upper lip regardless” the formulae have been faithfully followed and are now available to Gentleman all over the world.

We have a privilege to interview the man behind the discovery of Captain Fawcett’s. Read more to see what he has to say.

 Where are you located?

The dear Captain is based in Norfolk & Good Blighty.

When did you start this business?

Circa 1905

When did you realize you wanted to be a barber?

I am not currently a barber but a purveyor of First Class Gentlemen’s Grooming Requisites.

Describe a few steps you took to pursuit this.

As an Edwardian explorer of some repute I believe it is imperative to present stiff upper lip regardless of whatever the day may present.

How would you deal with a customer who didn’t know what they wanted?

Refer them to their commanding officer.

What are some of your accomplishments?

AS a manufacturer of the world’s best moustache wax I am proud to have aided in the ennobling of many an upper lip.

Who are some of your favorite barbers?

Sweeny Todd

What do you believe makes a quality hairstyle, cut and groom?

Whatever your chosen image, be it a Scumbag, Young Fogey, Rockabilly or Lounge Lizard be sure to cut a dash.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Plant hunters and Explorers of yesteryear.

What advice do you have for aspiring Mustache growers?

Let it grow, Let it grow, Let it grow!

Where can readers find out more about you and your work?

Captain Fawcett is hugely popular on; (these will all be Links)







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