The 3 Razor Shaving Method


A traditional shave has 3 passes: the first removes bulk, the second further reduces stubble, and the third polishes.

The 3 Razor Shaving Method optimizes the traditional shave by using the best tool for each pass. A deftly slicing slant bar razor for the first pass, an all-around razor for the second pass, and a mild but effective razor for the final pass.

Benefits of the 3 Razor Shaving Method

  • Faster than a traditional shave – By using the right tool for each step, each step goes by with less effort and time.
  • More customization for a close shave – In addition to having a different razor for each pass, you can use a different razor blade for each razor. Experiment with what works for you – perhaps a Feather for the first pass, an Astra for the second pass, and a Personna Platinum for the last pass.
  • Gentler on sensitive skin – Efficiency means less skin trauma.
  • Less skin trauma means less razor burn and fewer nicks and cuts – Since you are using the best tool for each step, you don’t have to work as hard to get results.

You should use the 3 Razor Shaving Method if:

  1. You have several razors already that you keep in rotation, each with a different cutting profile.
  2. You have very fine stubble in areas that are hard to shave with a regular razor.

The 3 Razor Shaving Method

Step 1

Remove bulk with a slant bar razor. The Merkur 39C HD effortlessly slices through stubble, with its angled safety bar exposing more cutting edge to remove most of the hair in one pass.

See more about the benefits of a slant bar razor in our blog post here.

Step 2

Smooth your face with the Edwin Jagger DE89L, which is easy to use even for beginners yet effectively cuts through stubble. At this point most of the hair on your face should be gone.

Step 3

This is the step that makes a difference. Polish away with a razor like the Muhle R89, which is lightweight and so gentle you would actually have to try to cut yourself. It’s the perfect razor for touch-ups and problem areas where you usually get weepers (areas you could never touch with a more aggressive razor).


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