The Grooming Artist News Roundup: September 2016


Starting September is like pushing the reset button. Summer’s over, the kids are back in school, and a brand new season of men’s fashion and grooming products tempts our bank accounts. The Sharpologist’s Jay Harrell actually tries out one of these trendy grooming products – the very hip Harry’s razors, and gives an honest assessment and comparison with safety razors.

A man who most definitely prefers safety razors is Malcom Harris of The New York Times, who ditched his Gillette Fusion out of frustration, purchased a Merkur 23C, and never looked back.

If you are a straight razor devotee yourself, make sure to take a gander at our guide to caring for a leather strop. It’ll keep your strop in excellent working condition as well as increase its longevity.

Finally, we are giving summer a due sendoff with Labor Day recipes.


Over at the Sharpologist, Jay Harrell tries out Harry’s razors and gives his take on the Gillette competitor. (Sharpologist)

Fall and winter are coming, and so will those party invitations. The Gentleman’s Gazette not only deciphers dress codes, but also gives you tips on how to look for cues in case no dress code is indicated. (Gentleman’s Gazette)

Labor Day is the last big hurrah before summer ends. Saying goodbye to summer won’t be so sad, however, with these finger-licking good recipes perfect for a relaxing outdoor BBQ. (Food Network)

2016 has taken a lot of great talents from us, most recently Gene Wilder. Here, New York Times’ Wesley Morris waxes on Wilder’s career and brilliant comedic timing. (The New York Times)

Also from The New York Times: a Letter of Recommendation for safety razors. (The New York Times)

Keep your strop working well and long with our leather strop care tips. (Grooming Artist)


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