Father’s Day Giveaway 2016 – We’re Loving Your Entries!

We hope you had a wonderful Father’s Day and spent some quality time with pops! To cap off this yearly tradition of pampering dad for all the hard work he does, we’re awarding three prizes in our Father’s Day Giveaway – a wet shaving set (worth over $250!), a $50 RoyalShave Gift Card, and a $25 RoyalShave gift card. Today is the last day to enter, so don’t delay!

Simply share with us one of the many photos you took this Father’s Day – or a throwback photo you hold dear.

You can enter on Facebook, Instagram, or both, with each photo counting as one entry. See the full giveaway details here.

This is always one of our favorite giveaways every year, so we wanted to share a couple photos below. Whether they’re funny or touching, they show just how important dads are in our lives. As poet Pam Brown once said, “Dads are most ordinary men / Turned by love / Into heroes, adventurers, / Storytellers, / And singers of song.”


(Via Instagram user @Mare.Reis )

Caption: My dad singing “I loved Her First” on my wedding day. Truly a moment we will remember forever.


(Via Instagram user @rmv5000)

Caption: My dad drove all the way to see my son compete in Special Olympics this weekend for state competition. He is always there for my special needs son and for the last decade has helped take my son to his many therapy appointments throughout the state.


(Via Instagram user @mrbatman111)

One of my fave photos with my dad!


(Via Facebook user Denise Tran Castillo)

Caption: A glimpse back a few months ago of this candid shot of our, then, family of 4, walking towards our baby reveal photo shoot. The image captures a proud father, a humble husband and a blessed man.


(Via Instagram user @dgmomx)

Caption: Grandpop meeting my little man for the first time.


(Via Instagram user @mfilzen7)

Caption: My dad does not dance…but he chose to dance with me on my wedding day!


(Via Instagram user @b_to_the_w)

 Caption: This photo is meaningful to me because it is the day my dad graduated from the police academy.


(Via Instagram user @jbswanson911)

I lost my Dad almost 25 years ago, so when I got married I sort of “adopted” my father-in-law as my Dad because we connected. This night he asked me to dance with him at a family wedding and I felt like I was floating across the floor with my father once again! When the dance was done, he leaned over and said, “Take care of my boy for me!” And he gave me a little hug….I felt so accepted into my new family by an awesome gentleman I get to call “Dad!”


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