The Grooming Artist News Roundup: November 2015


Happy November! This month always tends to be jam-packed with events (Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Movember) as well as holiday movie releases.

We’re bringing you into this first week of November with our round up of everything you need to know. Take a quick breather from your busy social calendar and enjoy these stories!

The Art of Manliness visits Brass Tacks Barbershop and talks to the barbers about barbering, barbershop culture, and favorite haircuts. (The Art of Manliness)

10 moustache styles to inspire your Movember facial hair. (Men’s Fitness)

Brilliant yet tragic: A glimpse of rare, intimate photos of James Dean from Dennis Stock’s new photography book. (Esquire)

T minus one day until SPECTRE comes out. Where does your favorite Bond villain rank in Esquire’s list of best villains? (Esquire)

An often neglected topic when it comes to picking out your suits: How do you choose the right fabric? GQ covers style statement, fit, and warmth in this quick guide. (GQ)

This Thanksgiving you’ll be surrounded by friends, family, and far more food than any one person should eat. Here are 7 tips for navigating Thanksgiving dinner. (Huffington Post)

Black Friday is still a few weeks away, but tech deals are already popping up at big box retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy. Tech Radar compiles the most recent deals. (Tech Radar)


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