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  1. Thanks for the review, guys. Nicely done (although I’d suggest saying inexpensive instead of cheap). I’m looking at Royal Shave’s set selling new on eBay. For $74.95 the set includes the PB3 Silver tip brush, a Merkur 38C “Barber pole” razor, and a chrome stand that holds both. The price seems pretty good, compared to pricing the pieces separately. I’m just finding it difficult to accept that the PB3 is really Silver tip of high quality, given the price. I’ve never used their products before. How would the brush do with shaving cream, instead of soap?

  2. Hi Abram,

    Thanks for your feedback. If you’re looking for an inexpensive, yet quality silver tip badger brush, the RoyalShave PB3 Silvertip Badger Brush is the way to go in our opinion. Besides our review, the brush has good ratings on other reputable online sites and forums as well (If you are still not sure and woud like to do some more research). We understand that the price may be off putting due to how expensive other brand named silver tip brushes are but can assure you that you’ll have a nice brush. Many silvertip badger brushes are known to have less backbone than lower grade badger brushes, so the latthering on a hard shaving soap could take some more time and skill, as we’ve noticed with this specific product. However, the consistency of the resulting lather was great, which shows the credibility of it. Since silver tip badger brushes hold more water than best and pure badger brushes, you’ll most definetely have no problem creating a great lather using shaving cream as well.

    The Badger Club

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